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Rental Rehab: the Background

I am in the process of buying a property and doing a total rehab on it to turn it into a rental. It’s a 1948 “Lovell” home which has a very particular floorplan with a wood paneled loft (1/2 story space). These homes were built copiously in the Seattle post-WWII (more info here if you’re interested). For anybody who has followed this blog, you’ll notice that the house I personally own and live in is also a Lovell home, only it’s a mirror image of the rental home I’m buying.

The home was purchased new in 1948 and had only one owner. Nothing has been updated or remodeled, other than an ugly bathroom “update,” so the electrical is still knob/tube, the plumbing is still 1/2″ galvanized, etc. Fortunately, the roof is only a few years old. Oh, and here’s the kicker: the house has been smoked in for its entire existence, so I’m looking at 60+ years of smoke/tar build-up to contend with.




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