Ceiling / Kitchen

Coffee cup chandelier: I like mine with sugar.

During an unfortunate mopping event where I smashed the dining room chandelier with a mop handle, I suddenly needed a new lighting option. Everything except the shade was working fine, so I decided to just use a box full of of white coffee mugs (purchased from Goodwill for a buck each) to make a chandelier. The difficult part was drilling the hole in the bottom of the cup so that I could put a light bulb in it.

I built a little round dam out of plumber’s putty with about a 1.5 inch diameter on the bottom of the mug. By filling the little moat with water, it kept the drill bit from getting too hot. Then, I used a about a 1/4 inch diamond drill bit (something like this) to drill a hole in the bottom of each mug. (In case you’re curious, in the background of this photo is an old school chalkboard and old pencil sharpener — they make for easy note taking!)

I used white wire to pull the cups together around the light bulb that was already there. Poof!


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