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Curtains for your closets

I would like to suggest that bi-fold closet doors are the spawn of the devil. They rarely slide on their tracks like they are supposed to, they stick out in the room, and they make that squeeky-rattle when you open and close them. So, I got rid of my closet doors and just made myself simple curtains instead. You can either buy curtains and hem them to the length you need, or you can sew them from scratch as I did. You could also find king sized sheets at your local thrift store and use those. Then just put small decorative hooks on the sides of the closet to hold them back when you need interior access. Super simple. I know I’m far from the first person to do this, but I’m here to reinforce how easy it is! (Plus, in the photo you can see my vintage dressing-room chandelier that I love!)


Photo by Robert Brittingham


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