Living Room / Walls

1960’s telephone booth! Superman!

I have always wanted a rather long list of oddities in my house: a diving helmet, a mailbox, a porthole, a fireman’s pole, and a vintage telephone booth. (I already have the coveted barbershop pole!) So, when I found this wooden 1960’s telephone booth at an antique store, I simply couldn’t resist. It has a working light as well as a nifty fan in the top to help remove the smoke when you light up a cigarette inside the highly enclosed space. The phone still works even! Now all I need is a Superman that wants to use it as a changing booth.

The thing to know about telephone booths is that they are insanely heavy. Of course, I should have known this, since they are designed in such a way so that hooligans can’t tip them over. However, it’s incredibly difficult to get a phone booth up into the back of a truck, down out of a truck, up a few flights of stairs, and around corners into my condo. Fortunately, I had two very devoted friends, one of whom is built like a tank, to help me. No amount of good will and pizza makes up for those backaches!

But look at how awesome it is! Yippee!


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