Floors / Kitchen

Making the floors match. More concrete.

As you may remember from a previous post, I tore up the carpet and refinished the concrete floors in my dining room. Finally I got around to making the adjoining kitchen floor match.

The process was similar, but not identical. Instead of just rolling up and removing the carpet, I had about 40 years’ worth of layers and layers of sticky, brittle, and warped old linoleum to scrape off the floor with a chisel. Much of the backing stuck to the floor and it took scrubbing with a wire brush (by hand and with the drill), as well as a lot of yucky solvents, to get the floor clean.

It was a smaller area than the dining room floor, but in some ways was worse to try and get clean. Once it was clean, then the process of staining and sealing was the same. By the end of the process I was delusional!


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