Valise, valise, on the wall . . .

There’s a weird slanty wall in my sunroom, and I’ve tried to figure out what to do with it. I decided to paper it in textured, paintable wallpaper and then paint it the same color of blue as the rest of the walls. The idea was to give some interest without it being too in-your-face. Then, it was off to the flea market to find myself an old, hard-sided valise (suitcase!) to turn into a shelf.

Once I found the perfect suitcase, I went to my friend Peter’s house where he has a table saw, and the suitcase was sawed in half. I nailed a piece of wood to the back and then attached the suitcase shelf to the wall into the studs.

I found an old, small, oak typewriter desk at an antique store, so I piled some books on it and then used an old briefcase as the stand/case for my laptop. This keeps my laptop up at eye level so I can use my remote keyboard/mouse. An old ammunition tin holds my office supplies. I love it!


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