Steel wall — with magnetic spoons.

My dining room wall was boring, so I went to a sheet metal supply company and bought 24 gauge galvanized steel sheets. Note that if you go too thin the large sheets may bend and if you go too thick they are impossibly heavy and very difficult to drill through. Something in the 24-26 gauge range is about right. The guys cut them exactly to size (it took three sheets), and then I, with the help of a friend (those suckers are heavy!), hung them on the wall so that I had a solid steel wall.

Next? Off to the Goodwill to buy about 250 spoons of various sizes. I carefully super-glued a tiny rare-earth magnet on the head and tail of each spoon so that it would stick to the galvanized steel wall. Now I can rearrange the spoons in whatever formation I wish. I have a constantly changing art wall — plus it bounces the light around to keep the place bright.


2 thoughts on “Steel wall — with magnetic spoons.

    • There are many many spoons with magnets on the back and there’s a steel wall that I stick them too. I want to show you anything you want! What specifically do you want me to show?


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